Samantha Rodrigues
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        This memorial website was created in loving memory of our loved one, Samantha Rodrigues who was born on November 30, 1987 and passed away on June 17, 2006 in a car accident at the age of 18. She will be missed dearly. 
        Sammie was such a loveable person who was so, very beautiful. I don't know how anyone can resist those adorable dimples, that gorgeous smile and best of all, her outstanding personality. She was always so full of life and constantly smiling.
        Sammie lived with her Grandfather in 
Florida. She started living with him when his wife passed away; she was also attending collage there.  Sammie made him so, so happy. She called her grand-father, DeDa. This loss was very hard for him because he would wait for her to get home, every night at 6PM, and now, he cannot do that which will be very hard now. Not only because of that but because, there is no longer anyone there with him to keep him company. He lives in a condo with many other people who are good friends with him but, it just won't be the same without Sammie. I can never imagine what he's going through and what he will be going through. Besides him, her mother, Maria and Sister, Stephanie will be having a very rough time also.
           Sammie was Maria's baby. She was her youngest daughter of two. This will especially be hard for her because, now, she has only one daughter. I think the toughest thing is to loose your daughter. She looks up to you not only as a mom but as a role model, hero, idol and empowerer.
           Sammie has gotten very close to her only sister Stephanie. I have watched Sammie and steph just sit there and go back and fourth with nonsense. It's just like watching a good TV show, but better. Watching her and steph go back and fourth like that made me laugh so hard I’d cry. Stephanie is a wise guy just like Sammie was. So, they got along great and got closer and closer as year's past. That is a reason why it is so hard for steph to loose Sammie not only as a sister, but as a friend.
            I remember Sammie's graduation party just last year. All you heard the all time was....Sammie talking up a storm, and that's one thing that made me love her so much. Sammie is her own person. She has ALWAYS been a character. If you look at pictures from when she was little, she was either, sticking her tongue out, posing, standing with her hands on her hips or my favorite, giving a great big smile of sunshine with her adorable dimples. Now, that is not here anymore. You can tell, right from a picture of Sammie smile with those dimples that she is such a loveable person. I know that when I first met Sammie, I loved her instantly. Sammie is just that kind of person who everybody loves. I'm not just saying that either, from the stories I hear, I can definitely tell. 
          When I look at pictures of Sammie, it brings tears to my eye's that god had to take such a beautiful, caring, sweet, fun girl away from us, Especially at such a young age. Sammie was a beautiful 18 year old girl that still had a long way ahead of her. But gods choose that it was her time to go. It brings tears, pain and sorrow knowing that we won't see Sammie again in our lives until god chooses us to go. It's extremely hard to hold bad our feelings, but we just have to face it but know, that one day, maybe long from now, maybe not. But one day, we all will meet again.
          May Samantha M. Rodrigues rest in peace and bring sunshine to our lives much like she always had. 
                                                              Ashley Cali

     P.S- If anyone would like to write anything to or about sammie on this website, you can email me what you want to put in and i would be more than happy to put it in.
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Tributes and Condolences
HOW MUCH I MISS MY GODCHILD!   / Angel Molinaro Roat (Godmother)
Sammie I really miss you so much! Every day I see your beautiful face!! Where ever i go whatever i do your always with me in my thoughts and forever in my heart. I long for the day when we will be together again. You were a Princess!  Now&...  Continue >>
HOW MUCH I MISS MY GODCHILD!   / Angel Molinaro Roat (Godmother)
Sammie I really miss you so much!!!!!!! Every day I see your beautiful face!! Where ever i go whatever i do your aways with me in my thoughts and forever in my  heart. I long for the day when we will be together again. You were a Princess!&...  Continue >>
Happy Anniversary In Heaven   / Stephanie Rodrigues (sister)
I can't believe it has been 5 years already it feels like just yesterday we were laughing driving around and having fun...not a day goes by that I don't think about you and every day that passes I miss you more and more...but everyday is one step clo...  Continue >>
Happy 23rd Birthday My Angel   / Maria (Mother)
Sammie You R Loved So Much. There R So Many People Here That Love And Miss You. I Cant Believe How Much Everyone Still Looks Forward To Being Together For You. We R So Lucky To Have So Many Good People In Our Lives. You Have Touched So Many Hearts In...  Continue >>
May God be your strength   / Dave St Louis (christian brother )
Marie   My heart breaks for you there are no words to ease your loss it is my loss to never have known such an angel as your Sammie. I wait for the day to be where she is as Im sure you do.  Always remember there are no tears in h...  Continue >>
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Sammie with her beautiful smile and dimples. We are all going to miss that.
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